Welcome to Summit Appraisal Services, Inc.

   Summit Appraisal Services was established as a full service residential appraisal and consulting firm.
   Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service,
   accurate appraisal valuations, and superior turn-around-time.   In order to meet the individual needs
   of our clients, we maintain the latest in appraisal technology and software, as well as, maintaining an
   up-to-date database for Nassau, Queens, Kings, and Richmond counties.  At Summit we are  
   continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist clients from implementation to

   Summit specializes in the appraisal of one to four family residential properties.  We are N.Y.S.
   Certified Residential, IFA designated, HUD/FHA Approved, N.Y.S. Supreme Court Listed.   We
   provide appraisal  services  for:  Estates Valuation,  Matrimonial Disposition, Bankruptcy Valuation,
   Tax Grievance, PMI Removal, Mortgage Loan Valuation, Foreclosure Proceedings, REO Valuation
   (market value, short sale, and prospective valuation), and Guardian & Conservator Appraisal

   My 25+ years in the real estate industry taught me that most people in need of an appraisal are also
   experiencing some degree of pressure and/or stress.  Therefore, I would like to assure you:

  • We'll  value your property accurately, and with complete confidentiality.
  • We'll deliver your appraisal when promised.
  • We'll work closely with you, your attorney, and/or your accountant.

   We truly hope you find the information contained within our website beneficial.  Please be advised,
   the content on this site is provided for general information purposes only.  If you have specific
   appraisal, or real estate questions please
contact us.
Summit Appraisal Services, Inc.
Accurate Appraisal Valuations, Superior Turn-Around-Time, Competitive Fees
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