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  Preparing for an appraisal is relatively simply, it requires the homeowner to provide the appraiser with
  requested information, and access to the home's interior.  Below I've listed a few  items to help you
  understand the inspection process.

  • The appraiser may ask for a copy of your deed, a recent survey, a copy of your Title Policy, a copy of
    the "Contract of Sale" (if your home is being sold).

  • The appraiser may ask for a copy of your current real estate tax bill, water and sewer bill, utility bills,

  • If you've renovated or upgraded your home provide the appraiser with a list of improvements, the cost
    of the improvements, and the date the improvements were completed.

  • The appraiser needs to know if your home is/was listed for sale.  If so, provide the appraiser with the
    listing date, the listing price, and the name and phone number of the listing agent.

  • If your home is currently listed for sale, does the listing price include personal property or concessions?
    If so, provide the appraiser with a list of these items, and their estimated cost.

  • If your home is a two, three or four family please provide the appraiser with a copy of all leases and a
    breakdown of the income and expenses.

  • If your home has recently undergone a professional home inspection, provide the appraiser with a copy
    of the Home Inspection Report (please be advised, an Appraisal is not a Home Inspection and
    should not be relied on as such).

  • If you own a dog be sure it's placed in a secure area.  Your dog may be friendly but the appraiser is a
    stranger who will be inspecting every room and closet in your house.  Your pet may become stressed
    and react accordingly.  

  • Please be considerate enough to clean up after your pet(s), both inside and outside the house.

  • The appraisal inspection requires the appraiser's complete attention, please save all of your questions
    until the inspection is completed.  Following the appraiser around your home, asking questions, is a
    distraction and may result in mistakes and/or omissions.

  • Do not offer the appraiser a gratuity, It's not necessary and it's against the law.
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Preparing for an Appraisal
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