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Internet Safety

Think about how different
web sites work before
deciding to join a site. Some
sites will allow only a defined
community of users to
access posted content;
others allow anyone and
everyone to view postings.

Think about keeping some
control over the information
you post. Consider restricting
access to your page to a
select group of people, for
example, your friends from
school, your club, your team,
your community groups, or
your family.

Keep your full name, Social
Security number, address,
phone number, and bank
and credit card account
numbers to yourself.

Be cautious about posting
other information, including
the name of your school,
sports team, clubs, where
you work or hang out, or any
other information that could
be used to identify you or
locate you offline.

Make sure your screen name
doesn't say too much about
you. Don’t use your name,
your age, or your hometown.
Even if you think your screen
name makes you
anonymous, it doesn’t take a
genius to combine clues to
figure out who you are and
where you can be found.

Post only information that you
are comfortable with others
seeing – and knowing –
about you. Many people can
see your page, including your
parents, your teachers, the
police, the college you might
want to apply to next year, or
the job you might want to
apply for in five years.

Remember that once you
post information online, you
can’t take it back. Even if you
delete the information from a
site, older versions exist on
other people’s computers.

Consider not posting your
photo. It can be altered and
broadcast in ways you may
not appreciate. If you post
one, ask yourself whether it’s
one your mom would display
in the living room.
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